Parents, are you looking for a quality pre-K education for your children?
If so, you’ve come to the right place!
We take registrations through out the year.
Welcome to Old MacDonald Preschool; where learning is fun!
At Old MacDonald Preschool we believe that a positive preschool experience establishes the foundation necessary for a smooth transition into Kindergarten. Old MacDonald Preschool’s curriculum is geared towards making learning fun while preparing your child academically and socially for Kindergarten. Our curriculum teaches the concepts most children need know when entering Kindergarten.
At Old MacDonald Preschool, located in North Platte, Nebraska, we will teach your child:
1. To Count to 20 or Higher
2. To Associate Counting with Numbers
3. Good Listening Skills
4. To Recognize and Write Numbers
5. Shapes and Colors
We emphasize shapes and colors during the school year.
6. Sight Words
Sight Words are words that begin with each letter of the alphabet. This
encourages the awareness that print has meaning.
7. Social Readiness Skills
Our students learn how to function in a “classroom” setting by interacting with
teachers and students. We encourage hygiene which includes washing of
hands after using the restroom and “germ gel” before snack time and how to
cough and sneeze properly. Good listening skills are also interwoven into the
curriculum. Time-outs are used when a student’s behavior warrants intervention.
8. The Alphabet
9. How to Use Scissors Independently
10. How to Write Their First Name
Students in our 4 and 5 year old sessions are able to write their first names on papers by January.
Our services at Old MacDonald Preschool include:
• Extra Fun Days
We have many “extra fun days” for the children. We plan events, such as; bowling, pajama parties, Olympics, big wheel races, an Old MacDonald Preschool Cody Park picnic, and celebrations of the major holidays.
• Monthly Calendars
Monthly calendars are sent home to let parents know what their children are learning and the important events that will be taking place.
Multi-Child Discounts
• Preschool for Ages 3-6 with two Curriculum's; Ages 3-4 and 4-5
• Project Environments that Encourage Learning and Social Interaction
• Snacks for The Children
We accept cash, personal checks, and electronic fund transfers as payment options.
Please browse our website to learn more about us, also; feel free to stop in or call us today!